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Webcast: Women’s Health and the Role of the Pharmacist

Expanding Access to Birth Control Through Pharmacist Prescribing

YTH Live 2016 Conference Breakout Session

Proposed Cut of Pharmacist Services

Free the Pill + Birth Control Pharmacies Instagram Live

Bipartisan Solutions for Birth Control Access

Health Update Radio Sally Rafie


Complex Patient Care – Women’s Health + Contraception

The Regimen for Legislation and Implementation of Pharmacist Prescribed Hormonal Contraception

Women’s Reproductive Health with Dr. Sally Rafie

The Birth Control Pharmacist – Sally Rafie

Pharmacists Prescribing Birth Control with Dr. Sally Rafie

CP16 A Conversation with Sally Rafie


California Pharmacists Can Prescribe Birth Control. April 2016.

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Confusing health issues explained. Dr. Rafie clarifies birth control and blood clots. January 2016.

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