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Sharon Landau

Ms. Landau is a reproductive health advocate and consultant with over 20 years of public health experience, particularly in the area of pharmacists prescribing contraception. She provides states with technical support to facilitate changes in policies and practices to improve access to hormonal contraception and helped states integrate youth-friendly pharmacy strategies into their initiatives. As former Director of Pharmacy Access Partnership, Sharon designed, implemented, promoted and evaluated innovative pregnancy prevention strategies, policies and programs at the local, state, and national levels, including California’s Emergency Contraception Pharmacy Access Program. She conceived and launched “Pharmacy Forward” the nation’s first leadership program for pharmacist champions for reproductive health. She has studied and published on women’s and pharmacists’ interest, experiences, and concerns around contraceptive access. Previously, Sharon worked for Kaiser Permanente and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. She earned a Masters in Public Health, Health Services Management and Policy from UCLA and has a degree in Women’s Studies and Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. Sharon served as a Fellow of the California Women’s Foundation’s Women’s Policy Institute and is an alumna of the Center for Collaborative Planning’s Women’s Health Leadership program.