Preconception Health

Clinical References

Curriculum and Resources from Preconception Health + Health Care Initiative

  • Preconception/interconception care clinical toolkit for providers
  • Guidelines

Education and Training

Delivering Preconception Medication Therapy Management Services in the Community Pharmacy

  • Ohio Northern University
  • Fee: Free for all
  • Authors: Dr. Natalie DiPietro Mager and Dr. David Bright
  • Learning Objectives:
    • Define preconception care.
    • Discuss the need for preconception care.
    • Explain preconception care interventions that may be provided by a community pharmacist.
    • Describe how preconception care may be provided to patients via medication therapy management.


Patient Education Resources

Show Your Love

  • National campaign designed to promote wellbeing and support young women and men as they strive to achieve their goals and make healthy lifestyle choices today.

Materials from March of Dimes

Preconception Care from MedlinePlus

Preconception Health and Health Care from CDC

Preconception Health from the Office on Women’s Health, US DHHS

“The Gabby System” from Boston University’s Project Preconception Care

  • Gabby is a virtual patient advocate
  • Designed to help young African American women improve their preconception health status