Healthy Pregnancies On-Demand Course Details

Pharmacologic Interventions for Healthy Pregnancies

Completing the Course & Obtaining Credit

Thank you for completing the pre-course assessment before watching the course videos. After the course videos, please complete the post-course assessment and the course evaluation.  Please allow 30 days for the continuing education certificate to be emailed to you following course completion.

Supplemental Materials

You may find it helpful to print these documents for use during the program videos.  Alternatively, you can open them on your computer and refer to them during the training.  They are also important tools to keep on hand as you provide the service.

Program Videos

Please watch each video below.  Pause the video as needed to work up cases or refer to supplemental materials above.

Post-Course Assessment & Course Evaluation

Please complete the post-course assessment and course evaluation after completing the program videos to finish the course.

Action Buttons - Finish Course

Obtaining Credit

After you complete the program, please allow up to 30 days for the certificate of completion to be emailed to you.