Course Details for Registrants

Emergency Contraception

Thank you for registering for this course.  This course will take approximately one hour to complete, including the self-assessment questions and evaluation.  Since the course is available online and on-demand, you are encouraged to complete it at your own pace.

Course Handouts

It is helpful to print these documents for use during the video training.  Alternatively, you can open them on your computer and refer to them during the training.  They are also important tools to keep on hand as you provide the service.

  1. California Board of Pharmacy Protocol for Emergency Contraception
  2. Patient Fact Sheet in English (or 6 other languages from CA BOP EC website)
  3. US CDC Guidance for Late or Missed Doses of Hormonal Contraception
  4. Emergency Contraception Guide

The presentation slides handout can be printed and used to take notes.

Training Video
Self-Assessment and Course Evaluation

You can check your understanding with the self-assessment questions.

Please complete the course evaluation.

Completing the Course & Obtaining Credit

After you complete the training and evaluation, please allow up to 30 days for the CAPE certificate of completion to be emailed to you.